Camper Sunscreen and Insect Repellent Policy

Camp Red Cedar (CRC) is aware of how damaging UV rays from the sun can be to your camper’s skin and the risk of insect bites when outside.  During the summer months, or when necessary, CRC will reapply and encourage the reapplication of sunscreen and insect repellent under the following circumstance:

-The camp activity takes place outdoors

-The outdoor activity lasts longer than 2 hours outdoors

It is the parents’ responsibility to apply sunscreen and insect repellent to their campers before releasing their camper to the care of Camp Red Cedar. Please send in sunscreen and insect repellent (labeled with your camper’s name) in your camper’s bag each day. In the event we need to reapply sunscreen and sunscreen was NOT provided from home, campers will be provided sunscreen from CRC with at least an SPF 30 or higher and insect repellent from the camp. If your child has a sensitivity/allergies to certain sunscreens, please be sure to note this on the health and wellness form.

All campers will spend time outside each day. Please apply sunscreen to your camper before he/she arrives at camp. Please also send your camper with sun protection such as SPF clothing, hats and sunglasses with their names labeled on the items. 

Staff will assist campers in reapplying their sunscreen if necessary and will remind the older campers to do so throughout the day when they are outside.

When necessary, staff will assist each camper that may be unable to personally apply his/her own sunscreen. When a camper needs such assistance, the staff will apply sunscreen on only the exposed parts of the camper’s skin. Campers will be requested to apply sunscreen along their suit lines. Also, the staff will only apply sunscreen while another staff are present.