COVID-19 updates for Camp Red Cedar

As we continue to navigate through 2022 summer camps, recreational therapy, private riding lessons and therapeutic riding services during the state of emergency we’ve incorporated a plan to provided guidelines to keep individuals served and employees safe. The Plan for Camp Red Cedar will be standard protocol as mandated by many government agencies with specific directives to follow for Camp Red Cedar and the unique services we provide. For all activities we will follow the good, better, best practices, provided by the ACA (American Camp Association).

Mask Protocols

Staff will help campers maintain social distance as much as possible indoors and outdoors.  They will also wear mask while providing personal care and inside any buildings. We recommend any campers that are not currently vaccinated or that are considered high risk, wear a mask while at camp. The camp store has masks for sale for $8.00. We will notify all participants of any changes regarding mask protocols immediately after.


For all activities, Camp Red Cedar will follow the ACA Good, Better, Best Practices for Activity Types below. Activities will be altered where needed to assure physical distancing and to keep groups at a safe distance. If an activity takes place inside, participants, if tolerated, and staff will wear masks.  Each person will be assigned their own gear, which will be disinfected after they are done using it.


All staff are trained in all pertinent procedures for preventing disease transmission and cleaning and disinfecting properly.  They will be instructed in which parts of the process are their responsibility.  Staff are trained in how to introduce these new routines to their participants effectively and how to uphold standards while maintaining a positive camp environment.  Retraining will happen each week or as needed throughout the year.

Coronavirus and Children