Customized EXTRAS to deepen your experience; add some fun!

Visiting Camp Red Cedar means touching the wonder of nature, enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors and taking advantage of playtimes by adding a boat, a wagon full of hay or a fire pit with plenty of wood!

Customize your visit by adding an EXTRA to experience all that Camp Red Cedar has to offer!

  • Enjoy a toasty time around fire pit, and don’t worry about the wood, we’ve got plenty!  $25 an hour
  • Add the beachfront to your event for $50 an hour
  • We’ll provide boat and pontoon rides for $25 an hour; all boats are fully accessible of course!
  • Get out the fishing rod —  or use one of ours — and enjoy fishing in our lake for $25 an hour (catch and release)
  • Hayrides take the experience of riding through nature to a new level!  Add a hayride to your event for only $2 per person.  Please note the hayrides are not accessible.
  • We’ll loan you our small charcoal grill for $15

The nitty gritty

  • Fire pit: $25 per hour
  • Beachfront: $50 per hour; Capacity: 30
  • Boat and pontoon rides: $25 per hour;
  • Fishing privileges: $25 per hour;
  • Hayride: $2 per person; (non-accessible)

Choose among the above EXTRAS and further customize your event by mixing and matching the various rental options. You’ll create an outing to remember in a setting surrounds you with the beauty of nature – including a few horses!