Equine Notice

To Parent, Guardians, and Caretakers,

Due to the loss of some of our larger horses this past year and injuries/health issues of a couple of our current herd, we have had to adjust our riding weight limit from 200# to 175# for the foreseeable future. Many factors go into this decision including the age of our current herd, the weight of tack and rider ratio to the size of the horse, as well as rider balance (which is greatly important in determining horse and rider ratios).

       We have been diligently searching for additional “unicorns” for our herd to add but have not found them as of today. If you know of any, please send any inquiries our way. We have acquired some very nice equines that are going to be great additions to Camp Red Cedar, however, they are all traditional-size horses whose therapeutic ratios will not be for the 200# range. Any rider close to the new weight limit will be assessed to see if we can accommodate. We will do our best if it is safe for both the rider and the horse.    

       That being said, we still want all participants who love horses to come out to the barn and enjoy some super-fun horse activities, that have historically been enjoyed even more than riding by most of our campers and clients. We have access to the new horse playground where they can build confidence and get to bond with some of our sweetest horses in a way they typically don’t get to do. There is also equine apple-bobbing, grooming, Equine Assisted Learning, and our amazing Equicizer “Zippy” that is a riding experience that promotes exercise, balance, confidence, and fun! Rest assured we will do everything in our power to see that our campers have fun and a great experience!

Thank you so much for your understanding and caring for our equines, and essentially the safety of all riders.

Shelly Detcher


Theresa Prentice

Barn Manager

Cyndi Niezer

Riding Coordinator