Study trips: Mixing hands-on learning and fun!

Camp Red Cedar is a great place to explore nature and horses through active learning experiences. A visit to our beautiful, 57 acre facility will enhance classroom learning with engaging lessons and hands-on experiences.

The grounds boast a wooded nature trail, 10 acre lake, accessible cabins, miniature rock wall, open meadow, archery range and a completely accessible riding stable.

Due to a generous grant from the AWS Foundation, Camp Red Cedar can offer study trips free of charge to qualifying groups on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact us to find out if your group qualifies!

Learning Opportunities

Elementary to high school students can participate in exciting and age appropriate sessions. We have several options within each of our four activity categories and can tailor lessons depending on group size and class goals:

Hands-on Equine Sessions

  • Sensory tours: These tours allow students to explore our facility while getting additional sensory input from smells, textures, and sounds. Students will get to handle different types of horse feed, walk across stall bedding and more.
  • Basic equine information and animal safety: Expect a hands-on session to learn how to groom a horse, how horses interact within a herd and basic horse care and safety. You’ll also learn social concepts such as “horse hierarchy” and varying forms of communication.  Ride on!
  • Horseback riding: Students of all abilities can experience horseback riding as part of a study trip.  Accessible riding is our specialty at Camp Red Cedar and students will be in good hands with certified riding instructors.
  • Equine Facilitated Learning (EAL): is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for educational, professional and personal goals through equine-assisted activities.
  • Equine measurement:  Students test new skills as they explore units of measurement, conversion principles and the ancient origin of using the hand to measure a horse.
  • Demonstrations: Learn about the different movements horses have, watch as ponies jump obstacles and observe equine behavior.
  • Career exploration: Groups can learn about career options such as veterinary technician, recreational therapy, therapeutic riding and more during interactive sessions.

Lake Life Sessions

  • Lake life: Plan to get your feet wet during this session.  You’ll feed the fish; learn about fish populations and their names; water safety, lake life and the principles of water cohesion and adhesion.
  • Fishing: Catch and release fishing can be a part of an exciting lake experience. We provide the poles and bait.
  • Pontoon Rides: Small groups can a cruise across the lake and learn about different types of fish with a short pontoon ride.

Tree & Nature Sessions

  • Tree identification: Sure, you’ll learn the names of trees as you walk along the nature trail, but that’s only the beginning! By the time you’ve finished this trail, you’ll hear how to estimate the age of a tree using rings, predict future growth patterns and use tree identification technology.  Branch out!
  • Nature Walk:  Enjoy a relaxing setting as you use a map to locate different species of trees and plants.
  • Hayrides: Take a moment to soak in the scenery as you view the grounds from the back of a hay wagon.

Field Activity Sessions

  • Team building and communication: Expect a wide variety of group activities that explain the importance of communication, teamwork, strategy and fun!
  • Orienteering: Learn to use a compass and estimate distances during this “informational scavenger hunt.”
  • Archery: Try a new skill as you learn to hit the mark.

Additional Options

  • Lunch by the lake: Groups can take advantage of our relaxing setting while eating sack lunches on site. Use our lake pavilion, picnic tables outside or cafeteria room for lunch after a great morning at Red Cedar.
  • Standards-based or goal oriented sessions: We can customize session options to meet specific standards or class goals in each of our activity categories. Let us know what you want to achieve and we can work to make it happen!

Camp Red Cedar is a PATH International Premier Accredited Center and a certified with CARF facility

Please contact us  to discuss costs, which are based on group size and how many study group components are included in your visit.